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We can all save lives.
You can make a difference too.

At Inside Out Counselling & Wellness, we are committed to reduce suicide behaviors and save lives by providing evidence-based training to make a positive difference in someone's life. 

You can make a difference too. 


Learn How to Save Lives with QPR

A Proven Suicide-Prevention Approach

Recent statistics, as reported by Channel News Asia in July 2023, reveal a staggering 25.9% increase in suicide rates over the past year. That's 1 in 4 people around us affected by this distressing trend.

Developed by Dr Paul Quinnett, the QPR approach serves as an emergency mental health intervention, designed to equip you with skills and knowledge to identify and intervene in a suicide crisis, thus increasing chances of survival. 


What You Will Learn 

  • Understand Mental Health and Suicide

  • Recognize the Warning Signs

  • Administering QPR approach and  emotional first aid 


Who Should Get trained:


The more we empower ourselves with knowledge and skills, the more we can do to prevent a suicide.


Over a million American citizens have received training from Certified QPR Instructors. Because suicides often affect families, we believe that at least one member of each family should be trained in QPR. This ensures that emergency interventions are more likely to occur where they are needed the most.

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