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Couples Counselling Singapore

Couples Therapy Singapore

The saying is true: Relationships require work. Oftentimes, partners are able to resolve couples' issues on their own by improving open communication, having more patience and understanding for one another, as well as cultivating empathy, to list a few examples. However, when truly challenging times arise, some partners could find themselves at a loss of how to effectively communicate their needs and feelings, especially when they are struggling to maintain their emotional connection and support for each other. This is where a professional couples counsellor may step in.


Some of the most common couples' issues in Singapore include:

Household Responsibilities
Disagreements over chores and responsibilities.

Lack of Support
Feeling unsupported or misunderstood by the partner.

In-Law Problems
Issues with extended family and in-laws.

Mismatched Priorities
Differences in long-term goals and aspirations.

Holding onto past conflicts and not forgiving each other.

Jealousy and Trust Issues
Insecurity and lack of trust in the relationship.

Health Issues
Dealing with personal or partner's health challenges.

Struggles with substance abuse, pornography, gambling etc.

Emotional Neglect
Feeling emotionally disconnected or neglected.

Communication Problems
Difficulty in expressing feelings and thoughts effectively.

Financial Stress
Disagreements over money, budgeting, and financial goals.

Stress and Mental Health
Coping with stress and mental health issues.

Intimacy or Sexual Issues
Differences in sexual desires and preferences.

Different Parenting Styles
Disagreeements over parenting values.

Dealing with betrayal and rebuilding trust an affair, even an emotional one.

Cultural Differences
Conflicts arising from different cultural backgrounds.


How Professional Counselling Can Help

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Our experienced therapists offer a safe and structured environment where couples can openly communicate, gain insights, and develop strategies to enhance their partnership. Here's how couples counselling can be beneficial:

Effective Communication
Our couples therapists equip partners with communication skills that foster understanding and empathy. They guide partners in expressing their feelings and thoughts more clearly and listening actively to each other.

Conflict Resolution

We help couples navigate conflicts constructively, providing techniques to address differences without escalation. This promotes healthier resolutions and prevents issues from festering.

Problem Solving
Couples counselling sessions empower partners with problem-solving strategies. Couples learn to work together to find solutions and compromise effectively.

Rebuilding Trust
If trust has been eroded due to issues like infidelity or breaches of confidentiality, we help couples rebuild trust through open dialogue and rebuilding measures.

Our Counsellors Are Here For You

Our experienced couples therapists here at Inside Out Counselling & Wellness offer a safe and structured environment where couples can openly communicate, gain insights, and develop strategies to enhance their partnership. We are an  LGBTQIA+ affirming counselling centre in Singapore and welcome couples from all walks of life.

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