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Can you help your child Break Free from their Gaming Addiction?

At Inside Out Counselling, we help your child to overcome their addiction without harming your relationship with them.


What exactly is Gaming Addiction?

According to ICD-11, by World Health Organisations (WHO)


A serious problem for teenagers which can affect their mental health, academic performance, and social life.


It is impaired control over gaming, prioritizing gaming over other interests and daily activities, leading to negative consequences.

How can you Assess your child’s addiction?

Symptoms of Addiction

✅ Obsession with gaming: the teen may be preoccupied with gaming to the point it becomes a priority over everything else.

✅ Withdrawal symptoms: irritability, frustration, or depression when they are not able to play games.

✅ Neglecting responsibilities: academic performance, hygiene, and social life may suffer.

✅ Continued gaming despite negative consequences (unable to reduce playing time and having unsuccessful attempts to quit gaming).

✅ Lying to family members about the amount of time spent on gaming.

✅ Using video games to relieve negative moods.

Have you tried these with your Child ?

✅ Setting limits on gaming time and place, and modeling healthy gaming habits.

✅ Make sure the games are age-appropriate and content-appropriate.

✅ Keep an eye on how your children interact with their devices (aggressive, irritable → lesser screen time is needed).

✅ Ensure your children have alternative activities (sports or clubs encouraging real-life engagement with peers).

✅ If these measures do not work, you might want to get a consultation from mental health professionals specializing in gaming addiction.

You can help your child better with us

For the past 12 years, we have helped many children break free from their gaming addiction.


Usually, many parents thought that they could resolve these issues themselves, however, some addictions require proper management to ensure it does not follow them into their future.


We help teens develop healthier habits and coping mechanisms to deal with stress, anxiety, and boredom through Evidence Based Methods


We suggest proven leisure interventions for your child so they could reduce gaming exposure and slowly isolate from their gaming habits


Therapy & Counselling As Your Ally

Seeking out therapy & counselling for your child could be one of the bravest decisions you make to help them become better versions of themselves


It is a professional practice to guide and help your child to overcome their struggles so they could achieve a better self at the end of the session.

How can my child benefit from your counselling sessions?


Regain control of his/her life


Build meaningful relationships in the family


Cope with big emotions

Hear from our Successful Parent-Child cases

We made a break through when we found out why our son was gaming so much. We are so much closer now.

Alice, Mother of a 15 Year Old

I was glad I sought help early, if not, I think I would have lost her. I didn't realised our child was coping with her anxiety through gaming. I’m glad we got help.

John, Father of a 21 Year Old

Family therapy help us realise the problems our child was facing and why he was gaming so much. I’m happy i got him back.

Kim & Ken, Parent of a 19 Year old

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Help your child Break-Free from their addiction

Book a Complimentary Call with us to understand our sessions better.

We want to clear your doubts so you can focus on what’s best for your child

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