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Children Resilience Group

At Inside Out, we curate group programs with you and your child in mind.  


It is not uncommon for children to have difficulties expressing themselves, especially big feelings. Quite often we see these big feelings translate into behavioral disguises, for example, temper tantrums, crying, raging, lying etc. Supporting children's emotional competence thus becomes a necessary task to help children understand their emotions and in giving (and building) regulation tools to work through those big feelings. 

And why groups, you ask? We know from research and experience that groups offer opportunities for group members to listen, bond and expand on ways to look at a particular issue. When group members give (through sharing of ideas) and receive in a safe environment, they too develop a deeper insight into their own issues and behaviors and start to learn new ways to cope with different things. This is the power of group connections, which helps facilitate change and learning for children and adults! 

We currently run the following groups for children.

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The Resilient Superhero is a six - weeks program developed to build and enhance a child's esteem and resilience. Combining experience and techniques collated from experts around the world, the group aims to nurture's children's resourcefulness, creativity and resilience through the use of play, drama and creative expression. Children will be guided through role plays to learn about themselves and build coping skills. 

Program is being facilitated by counsellor and drama practitioner. 

Cost: $ 390 (6 x 1.5hr sessions) or $348 with 2 or more sign ups
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