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Trusted by over 3000 Clients in 12 Years. 

Divorce and
Co-parenting counselling

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Anger, Grief, Isolation

Shame, Sadness, Betrayal

Hopelessness, Uncertainty, Frustration

Hostility, Loss, Pain

Your divorce could turn your life into a rollercoaster ride of emotions.


Ending a relationship can be difficult, no matter the reason.

You may be thrown into unchartered waters. You may experience symptoms including anxiety, depression or insomnia. Emotions might run high, on top of important decisions to be made. Especially so if children are involved. You are not alone. 


Children often struggle too

No matter their age, the impact of separation or divorce on children can be long lasting. Children may feel confused, angry, or very sad when they realize their parents are no longer together.


For very young children, you may notice behavioral changes such as social withdrawal, sleep or appetite changes. Children and teenagers often experience difficulties adjusting to the family changes. They may become moody, blame themselves, or develop risks to their mental health.

How well they cope will largely depend on you and the other parent, what you will continue to do, their personality and coping strategies.  

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You don't have to feel alone in this challenging time

While the process of separation or divorce can feel draining, there are things you can do for yourself.

✓ Recognise that it is normal to not feel okay, and your emotions are valid.

✓ Prioritize yourself and your health with a basic healthy routine which includes eating proper meals, drinking water, and regulating sleep. 

✓ Strengthen yourself emotionally by surrounding yourself with loved ones who can lighten your load.


✓ If your thoughts spiral or that you struggle with your emotional wounds, try writing it down.


✓ Be kind to yourself. 


Divorce does not have to be an option

If you have been contemplating a divorce, it is quite likely a number of your needs have not been met in the relationship.  A lack of reciprocation to unmet needs create resentment and pain, and a divorce may become a reaction or a response to those unmet needs.

Divorce does not have to be the end option for a relationship. 


Relationships can recover if you and your partner learn to safely hear each other and are willing to make time and effort to relearn new ways of responding to each other. It won't be easy, but it is definitely possible. 


Attending couples' therapy allows you both to have important and sometimes painful discussions to examine your relationship needs to move together in the same direction.

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No Possibility of Reconciliation

A divorce can be hard, and more so if children are involved. Working towards respectful communication with your ex-partner may be the best thing you can do for yourself and your child. It helps you role model what healthy communication can look like, supports yours' and your child's emotional wellbeing, and might save you legal fees. 

Your child sees you as his or her world. Do not communicate through your child. Healthy co-parenting outcomes for children can be achieved with good enough communication with a common goal to achieve the best for your child. Positive outcomes observed in children include reduced anxiety and increased confidence. 

As you navigate through complexities in post divorce parenting, co-parenting and divorce counselling helps you keep the child in mind and can support you in fine-tuning co-parental responsibilities. 

In the same way, allowing your child to have a safe therapy space to freely discuss any worries and concerns can help him or her adjust to challenging changes post-separation. 

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Perhaps sometimes reminding ourselves that we do have a choice makes it easier to pick the harder one.” – Eva Melusine Thieme


Getting help

The end of a relationship brings on uncertainty, Transitions such as separation or divorce can feel be extremely strenuous and draining. The challenge to healing is being able to speak about the separation or divorce and making sense of it. Sometimes these challenges manifest into symptoms such as insomnia, anger and depression; these symptoms can be witnessed in the adults as well as in children. 

Divorce therapy can provide a safe space to focus on your healing, to make sense of you and your circumstances, and eventually recover from one of the biggest family challenges in life. 


Don't give up. You are not alone.  


What we can offer

An assessment of your needs - individually, couple of family, to explore how to support your healing. We offer

✓ Divorce counselling

✓ Co-parenting counselling

✓Couple or marriage counselling support

✓ Family counselling 

✓ Individual counselling 

✓ Counselling for children or teenagers

✓ Parenting counselling 

✓ Step-parenting support 

✓ Collaborative practice 

You are not alone in your healing journey. 

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We specialize in divorce, co-parenting, children and family counselling so you and your family can regain

confidence and happiness. 


Our accreditations


Our Testimonials

Yuyun was approachable and helped me feel safe quickly in sharing  - Elise, 16  

John is very knowledgeable and help me understand myself better - Ed, 50s

Sanly help me think deeply and expanded my perspective - Alice, 20 

I learnt I can still be myself even after my parents split up. Grateful to the team for helping me - Zach, 26 

I learn how to manage relationships in my family and now I don't get affected as much - Phy, 25

Yuyun helped us to communicate respectfully to each other... and helped us with our healing. Grateful that she helped us with our marriage - Sal & John, 30s 

I saw yuyun for over a period of 2 years for my depression. She always encourages me and helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am grateful - Amil, 20

As Yuyun helped me become more aware of my emotions, I learnt to work with my emotions and not let them control me - Shelly, 30 

We are very grateful to Sanly for being there to guide our son when we separated. Sanly has exceeded expectations, and she is truely exceptional! - Monica, 40

Dr Lawrence listened to me deeply and always encouraged small steps that I make. I am grateful to have him. - in 30s

I learn how to listen to my needs and work with them - Nick, 30 

Yuyun showed me the importance of co-parenting and how I can manage my guilt to support my child. - Suan, 40s

John helped me gain confidence in myself. I have never been able to go up stage but now i can - Mike, 15 

*All clients' names have to change to protect privacy and confidentiality

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