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Depression in Children and Teens

Are you noticing your child/teen showing recent signs of moodiness, tearfulness and irritability?

Are you concerned if your teen  may have depression?

Has your child ever shown signs of melancholy and irrational mood swings lately? 

Adolescence, a time of transition and change, brings high emotional stress and can be very tough for your child as he/she goes through physical, psychological and social changes.  As teens attempt to work through their internal chaos, they may also start to develop anxiety and depression.  

Globally, an approximate 20% of children and teenagers suffer from a mental health condition, with depression and anxiety being in the lead. According to a 2019 study from Institute of Mental health, depression has shown to affect 18% of teenagers.  

Depression could be triggered by many factors, including biological and hormonal changes, genetics, social and family relationships, trauma and academic stressors. Lack of coping skills further increases the risks to developing a mental health condition. Symptoms commonly observed in youth with depression include 

-    Persistent low mood
-    Loss of interest in activities 
-    Low energy, fatigue 
-    Low self esteem 
-    Insomnia or excessive sleep 
-    Helplessness 
-    Hopelessness 
-    Social isolation 
-    Low mood, tearfulness 
-    Self harm and/or suicidal thoughts 

Treatment for depression will depend on assessment of the severity of the condition and should be tailored according to each individual. Intervention needs to happen early to largely alleviate symptoms and strengthen your teen’s abilities to manage his or her condition.

At Inside Out, we conduct comprehensive and holistic assessment using evidence based tools in supporting children and teens in overcoming their challenges. Our extensive clinical experiences and training allow us to help your child, work at your teen’s pace to discover the root of the matter and to help you and your child to manage and resolve his or her condition.  Our therapists* have over a decade experiences working with children and teenagers and in helping them overcome their challenges and in supporting their overall mental wellbeing. *Chinese speaking therapists available.

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