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Children & Teenage  Counselling
For Anxiety, Depression

Mental health symptoms can vary and look differently in children and teenagers.


Are you noticing worrying behaviors like the following? 

✓ Changes in school performance, school refusal/ avoidance

✓ Persistent low mood, or changes in mood

✓ Learning difficulties and dyslexia issues

✓ Frequent tantrums or sudden mutism  

✓ Sleep difficulties or insomnia

✓ Loss of interest in activities

✓ Chronic worrying or anxiety or panic attacks

✓ Hair pulling or repetitive behaviors
✓ Sudden bed wetting
✓ Loss of appetite

✓ Loneliness

✓ Teenage anxiety or anger management concerns 

✓ Talk of suicide


How can we assist you?

At Inside Out, we work with children and teenagers holistically at their developmental level to promote emotional wellbeing. 

We have the expertise and experience to work with a whole range of emotional and psychological concerns including


ADHD, anxiety, adjustment, depression, stress, confidence building, communication, dyslexia and learning, grief/loss, trauma, separation and divorce, body images, perfectionism, relationships, self harming and suicidal behavior.


We use a range of evidence based therapies to address different needs. Depending on the child's developmental age, we may use play or art based therapies to complement evidence-based psychotherapy strategies drawn from cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused therapy, interpersonal therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy etc. We are also able to provide assessments for ADHD and specific learning disorders as well as offer mentoring/ exercising services. 

Our approach is tailored to support children and teenagers to

✓ Increase their self-esteem and worthiness

✓ Build resilience and develop healthy coping strategies.

✓ Help each child manage their challenges no matter what they may be

✓ Achieve their potential and goals 

What to expect in the first (few) sessions?  

✓ Get to know your concerns as a parent 

✓ Explore any developmental history and your child's concerns 

✓ Get to know your child and his/her strengths 

✓ Assess severity of concerns and and align goals for therapy 

✓ Discuss plan of action 

✓ Expand and continue review on action plan to help your child 

Are parents required in all sessions?

The extent of parents’ participation in an adolescent's therapy sessions is based on the individual needs of the young person and is discussed with parents and their child at the first appointment.

Depending on the needs and concerns of the child or adolescent, we may also recommend family counselling. 


Book a session - in person or online. 

We operate in 2 locations - Toa Payoh and Orchard. Book a session or drop us an enquiry via WhatsApp. 

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