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Sometimes, we may feel overwhelmed by the things around us. Having a challenging time looks and feels different for everyone.


Our mental health may be impacted by a multitude of reasons including work stress, family circumstances, divorce/separation, trauma or other existential crisis. 


There are common signs to look out for that could indicate it is time to talk through issues with a trusted someone like a counsellor.


Some signs to look out for


✓ Social withdrawal from people and activities
✓ Finding it harder to cope with daily tasks

✓ Feeling consistently overwhelmed
✓ Persistent low mood, anxiety, depression and tearfulness
✓ Changes in mood, energy and eating habits
✓ Feeling lonely and thoughts of hurting self or others


Asking for help is an important first step.


Counselling and psychotherapy offers an opportunity to explore challenges in a safe and supportive environment, where you can learn skills to reframe and gain new insights.


Whether you’re navigating a life transition, need support in understanding and managing a mental health disorder or just need a listening ear, our therapists can support you to regain mastery in your life.

We can work with a range of concerns including

✓ Anxiety, depression, stress
✓ Adult ADHD

✓ Eating
✓ Grief and Loss

✓ Identity
✓ Trauma
✓ Separation/ Divorce
✓ Personal development
✓ Parenting
✓ Relationships
✓ Life’s transitions

✓ Work stress and burnout

If you are struggling or experiencing a personal crisis, our team is here to support you.  


You don’t have to face mental health issues on your own.


To learn more about our adults’ counselling services, feel free to contact us.


We offer both face-to-face and Telehealth appointments.

Texting services are available as well.

Let's get in touch!

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Reclaim your Happiness!

Take the first step towards a positive change!

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